Mission The mission of Medical Massage International is to provide the world with independent, competent health care practitioners through the art of massage.  Practitioners that see themselves as equal to any other member of the health care community and are business savvy enough to work as equals to MD’s, DC’s, DO’s , PT’s or insurance adjustors.  In the process of learning the students create a real life clinic/ business for themselves so that they graduate without debt and with a full set of skills to create the massage therapy business that reflects their an integrative cooperative approach.  

What We Do

What We Do We provide a full spectrum of the massage world from when the patient first comes through the door to be greeted, listened to and assessed. We provide the knowledge to develop treatment plans and notes in terminology that other medical professionals understand. We provide training as equals to MD's, PT's, DC's, lawyers and insurance adjusters. We also allow an early exit without debt if the profession isn't for you. Some say we are training our own competition, we look at it as training our successors. What will you learn? You will learn the body from the cells and the bones out, muscle actions and their functional movement. You will learn patient protocol and to access individual needs. You will learn the circulatory system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system and the integumentary system. You will learn organ function and what diseases are helped by massage and when not to massage. You will learn to be an equal and to be self sufficient inside any medical practice or on your own. You will learn to be free.

Who We Are

Who We Are We are a diverse group of therapists headed by John Larkin a male massage therapist who has been practicing since 1994.  Thriving since he entered the medical massage world.   John draws on the best therapists in the city to help in areas where he has a weakness.  His strength is not in creating people like him, but in establishing the core values within his students to bring out the best in themselves. He does this by integrating his training with real life experience and following national protocols for a complete education.

Helping massage students and consumers meet and relax.