How much is this really?

Tuition is a total of 9200 dollars and you buy your own books and supplies for around 100.00.  Time is the big factor, to do 300 massages and finish school in six months you need to do an average of 20 massages a week.  ( 26 weeks/ 300 is 11.5 massages per week)  plus three days of classes, of course there are patients that don’t show and personal lives that delay completion.  

What if I already went half way through another school?

You can test out of any class for a 100 dollar fee, you just have to pass the final by a grade of 85% or better.   Massage courses are pass / fail so they are by observation and the report of the test subject being massaged. Each class passed cuts 50 hours off clinic for a max of three classes.  So even if you aced all the courses you still need to do 150 clinic massages because our patient practices class is woven around the clinic.  

How do you decide what to teach?

In designing the course the state of Colorado helped a lot. Of course I copied the curriculum from my school exactly and integrated guidelines from the NCBTMB of course all instruction is intertwined with practical experience so the student has a direct application to their learning.  

What books do I need?

Our primary text is the ‘Trail Guide to the Body’ all anatomy tests are taken directly from the book so by the end of school you will know it inside and out.  Like yourself. We also use an Mblex study guide both from the online sites and in book form.  We also reimburse any scores over 85% when you take the test.  

Does this include a massage table?

Yes, but not a brand new one.  You see there are so many students failing other schools or getting out of the business that craigslist has a glut of near new equipment for a fraction of the price.  Why not take advantage and help them with grocery money at the same time?  We buy you the table after 100 hours of clinic, at 150 hours we buy you a massage chair, at 200 hours we send you to business school for a business plan course, in case you want to keep your plans private.  

How much can I make when I get out of school?

I don’t have a clear answer for that because there are to many variables.  The labor department reports that massage therapists make about 14 thousand a year.  I myself through the years have made from 3 thousand to 102 thousand, so let’s just say it varies.  Over the past eleven years my average has been in the 60 k range. Our objective is to make our students the highest paid therapists in the industry.

Where did you place in your school?  I mean how smart are you?

I can easily say I was in the top ten at my school.  There were only seven of us and I think I was the worst student, especially in anatomy.  That said, when we all met for drinks ten years later 5 out of the seven were still in full time practice. I had the best teachers and if their school was still in business I wouldn't even bother with doing mine.  So to answer your question, I am smart enough to know how to help most people and when that treatment is beyond massage I cheerfully find the person I know will help them.  I have also made enough mistakes in my business to teach you how to avoid wrong turns and expensive business mistakes.  My biggest strength I see is my compassion blended with practicality.  

Can I talk to you directly about this?

Yes, you can either  use the online booking calendar and book yourself for a 30 minute time slot or massage and leave in the comment line that you want to talk about school or call me at a reasonable hour and I will answer the phone if I am not in a session.  We also do open houses every couple months and you are always free to ask any student we have if they are happy with the school.  

I felt lost at another school because we had 30 in the class; the teacher didn't know I had dropped for two weeks.  How big are your classes?

We are small, we have a 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio, and you are never unnoticed at our school.  In fact you might have to be on a waiting list, but you can always read ahead on your own while waiting.  In fact once you are on the waiting list you can start terminology training and memorizing your anatomy.  

Who is Colorado Injury Care?

That is my working clinic where I keep an active practice.  It is also where graduates can move into practicing until they find their own place and take advantage of the clients they already have.  (when they find their own location, they get to market to the entire clinic list a couple times, especially to those right around the new location.)  Most teachers only teach, I love the work and only teach so others can love it as much as I do.  

Have you ever really helped anyone or do you just rub oil on them?

Fair question and the answer is both.  Some people come to me regularly because their job is stressful and they need a place to hide for an hour, they get a sanctuary and oil rubbed on them.  Others come to me because they cannot walk and I can help.  Some stay a little while and others years.  None of them however, can pay me what a massage is worth.  

What do you charge in your practice?

All my rates are public, I have an insurance rate according to patient needs that is basically about 50 dollars per fifteen minutes, a cash rate of 80 dollars per hour and of course we have our membership program which gives regular customers a 40 % discount.  I also deal with people on an individual basis and have a limited time hardship agreement where they pay what they can afford.  I see myself as a person first, then a health care practitioner so no one should be turned away if they are truly in need.  

Why do you do it this way?

I love massage and I love teaching, but in past teaching experiences I saw the student get left behind for the sake of profit or an unqualified student be pushed along for fear of losing a federal quota.  Basically I saw the massage industry be sacrificed for the education industry.  This way I can teach what I love, give my students a good chance at an exciting and rewarding industry and a better life.  Plus each student has to massage me once every six weeks for a progress check, so this way I get my massages for life.  In fairness we trade, because then I can take time to give everyone individual attention.  My way lets everyone win, the student wins because when they graduate they have gotten the training they need to succeed, the public wins because they don't have to use tax dollars to subsidize a student and they get lower cost massages through the student clinic and of course I win because I get therapists that I can rely on wherever they practice. The world wins because together we are creating a calmer more peaceful world.