We're excited you are interested in signing up for our massage school.  Our requirements are pretty simple:

Step 1

First you have to have a high school education or equivalent.  If you are from another country you must have a valid student visa, if you are a veteran you must have a dd214, all types of discharges considered.

Step 2

In any case you must be able to pass a state background check.  The state requires that you have no sexual offenses and violent offenses are discussed on a case by case basis.  There isn't any reason to take the classes if you are not able to practice massage.  We are teaching therapists to either be in their own business or work within our system of medical clinics and we need students that the public can trust.

Step 3

It would be good if you have already gotten a professional massage and it would benefit you to have gone to a couple student clinics to see if there is a difference in what we teach.

Step 4

If you have all that, call John and set up a 30 minute massage for yourself and while you get a complimentary massage from either John or an advanced student we can talk about your hopes and dreams regarding massage and you can evaluate if we do the type of massage you want to learn.

Step 5

You will receive a current catalog and an enrollment form.  Everyone starts with the 50 hour overview which includes being both on the table and beside as a therapist.  We start working the first week with exposure to massage techniques  so be ready to be worked on and work on other students. Keep in mind that you cannot enroll during the first meeting, you need to think a day or two and we have to decide that you are trainable in our way of working.

Step 6

If we both agree then you can pay your registration fee of $200.00, the balance of $9,000.00 will be paid through 300 clinic massages in the student clinic.   Once accepted the easy part is over and the work begins.

Step 7

Before you enter the clinic we will jointly discuss if massage is for you.  If we mutually agree that you have a above average chance of success in the massage industry you will continue to clinic and the school will purchase your student liability insurance. If we decide that massage is not your field your contract will be terminated and you will be released from classes.  Massage is not for everyone, some don't like to do the work and we only want people that will excel into the upper 5% of the industry.

Step 8

The 300 massages equates to an average of 10 massages a week for 30 weeks, some of the clients will come from our database and some will come from your family and friends.  Many of the people you work on will be strangers.  Part of your business class will be how to relate to them and access their needs and meet them.  You will be supervised at all times and help is just a doorway away.  Doing 10 massages may seem like a lot but really is only half the number massages you need to do to maintain a full practice.  And 10 massages gets you in shape to succeed.

Step 9

After 100 massages you get the choice of a massage table or a massage chair.  After 200 massages you get both a massage table and a massage chair. That's it in a brief summary. Make sure to email us with any questions when you have them.