For the students at Medical Massage International the future is bright. With our unique teaching methods and advanced classes, students will not only learn the basics of traditional massage, medical massage, and a multitude of modalities but also the important business lessons behind building a thriving massage practice to maintain for years to come without the debt that any other traditional or trade school would require. Our graduates can work independently and are looked upon as equals in the medical field and that means the sky is the limit. The department of labor expects an increase of 19 to 20 percent need and too few qualified therapists to fill that need. Because the benefits of massage are finally becoming more recognized by the health field, our graduates are trained and qualified to work in any clinic, spa, medical office or as an independent business owners with the knowledge, compassion and drive to sustain a thriving career in the massage field. For the student coming out of our school debt free, that means the future of their massage career is immediately successful. [/facebook]