learning-processThe learning process is simple, we first move to dispel the myths of massage and enforce the medical definition of massage which is “The manipulation of the soft tissue of the body with the hands, forearms, elbows or feet.” We format learning differently from other schools. Massage therapists by and large are a kinesthetic learner, which means they learn with their hands by doing the work. Students that do hands on learning learn faster and more completely than those that just read about massage. The low teacher (1) to student (6) ratio helps too. Only in clinic can the student find the real world of massage. By putting clinic within the first 100 hours, the student either learns they love the industry or it isn’t for them. This either puts them on a lifelong learning path in the field of massage or onto another field that they are infinitely more compatible with either way “without debt”. The first fifty hours give students the knowledge of assessing each client and solutions to the most common problems Massage Therapists hear: “neck pain, shoulder pain and low back pain”. In the first 50 hours we also teach basic manners about patient contact, draping, elementary anatomy, and terminology. This gives our students the general knowledge to start in our clinic. Throughout the rest of the training students will continue to learn advanced anatomy, contraindications, terminology, physiology, patient and business practices , while fine tuning Swedish techniques, deep tissue and of course Neuromuscular Therapy with all the important information needed to pass the national exam. All tests are open book because the role of a true healer is to educate the patient about their body and its functions, if they can show the patient in the book; they will not just read the book for a test and forget, they will use it as a reference each time they are with a patient. Students need to maintain an 85% average or better to stay in school. We teach you beyond the basic Swedish, deep tissue and neuromuscular massage, we are Medical Massage International and here you can achieve your dream of becoming a Massage Therapist.