We Currently have two students in student clinic: Michael- Michael grew up in West Germany, always sports minded, athletic, studied languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, music). He trained as a medic in the German Army and learned the tile trade in Germany. He has been living in Colorado since 1990. After being involved in a rear end collision in 2011 resulting in severe whiplash syndrome and a left shoulder rotator cuff injury, he learned of the benefits of chiropractic care, physical therapy, and last, but not least, massage therapy, with the latter making the most difference in getting back to normal, a life without pain and more normal range of motion. The experience of many therapeutic massages and the healing effect of deep tissue and neuromuscular work created in Michael the desire to become a massage therapist himself and pass the benefits of medical massage therapy on to people who, like him, need improvement in servicing their body. Have you given your body and oil change recently?       Vidia-Vidia is from a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Being from this beautiful, relaxing and tranquil atmosphere fostered her love for helping her clients remain in balance through the use of massage therapeutic techniques.
 Vidia's goal is to provide a plan to promote relaxation, alleviate pain, combat fatigue as well as minimize muscle and joint stiffness. She believes that massage is a healing art that should provide a relaxing experience that helps to eliminated stress from the mind, body, and spirit.
 Vidia is a great listener who is empathetic to your desires and concerns. She believes that each client is unique and deserves her full attention. She always keeps an open mind and her focus is always dedicated to what works best for you.

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